1. Atsushi Odagiri
  2. WebHelpers


WebHelpers / TODO

WebHelpers TODO

See also the bug list at http://bigbucket.org/bbangert/webhelpers .

``webhelpers.text.convert_misc_characters`` fails tests. It's producing
incorrect output.  This affects ``remove_formatting`` too.

``webhelpers.html.grid`` needs some API changes to make a table from a list of
lists and from a dict. Some arguments will be changing also.

The "unfinished" directory in the WebHelpers source distribution contains
potential future helpers which are not finished enough for release. These are
not installed by the installer; they are available only in the source tarball.

Run tests on Python 2.4 to see if any 2.5isms have crept in.

Too many strip_tags / sanitize / bleach functions.

Finish the third-party page.

Finish the Upgrading page.

Make a high-level changes list based on the beta changelogs.