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Credit Jeff Knupp for his articles on exceptions.

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 * **William Thompson** inspired the use of context managers with his `blog post`_ that I knew about through the invaluable `Python Weekly`_ nesletter, curated by **Rahul Chaudhary**
+**Jeff Knupp** explains why **Grako**'s use of exceptions_ is sound, so I don't have to.
 * **Terence Parr** created ANTLR_, probably the most solid and professional parser generator out there. Ter, *ANTLR*, and the folks on the *ANLTR* forums helped me shape my ideas about **Grako**.
 * **JavaCC** (originally Jack_) looks like an abandoned project. It was the first parser generator I used while teaching.
 .. _USB:
 .. _ANTLR: 
 .. _Jack: 
+.. _exceptions:
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