================ django-projector ================ ``django-projector`` is a project management application with task tracker and repository backend integration. Aimed to work with Django_ 1.2 or later. We are sick of Trac [1]_ and wanted to create simple application which can be easily customized or plugged into existing systems. Features -------- - Mercurial_ repository integration - Easy repositories forking - Granual permissions management - Scalable architecture (AMQP) build on top of excellent celery_ - Task tracker with full history of changes - Repository web browser - Customizable workflow for each project - Grouping tasks in milestones - Roadmap - Teams support - Documents based on `restructuredText`_ - Email notification - Make use of `django-richtemplates`_ so templates are ready to use out of the box Incoming -------- Here are some additional points which are the target for future release. - Wiki per project - Plugin system - Code review - Sphinx integration - Other version control systems in backend (git_, subversion_...) - Charts, statistics, graphs, plots, analyzies - Functional timeline - `django-piston`_ integration for RESTful API .. warning:: This application is at early-development stage but we strongly encourage you to give it a try if you are looking for project management toolkit for your Django_ based project. Still, it probably should **NOT** be used in production as it wasn't fully tested and may contain security issues. ------------ Installation ------------ See for information on installing ``django-projector``. It is also available in ``docs`` directory at ``docs/installation.rst``. ----------------------------- Source code and issue tracker ----------------------------- Source code is along with issue tracker is available at ------------- Documentation ------------- Online documentation for development version is available at ------------ Demo project ------------ Demo project have been deployed at It is still rather experimental. ------- License ------- ``django-projector`` is released under MIT_ license. You should get a copy of the license with source distribution, at the root location, within ``LICENSE`` file. .. _celery: .. _Django: .. _Trac: .. _Sphinx: .. _MIT: .. _django-richtemplates: .. _django-piston: .. _restructuredText: .. _mercurial: .. _subversion: .. _git: .. [1] Don't get us wrong, Trac_ is great tool but we believe that django's pluggable applications are far easier to configure and deploy.