mallet / TODO.txt

Overhaul logger functionality.  Try to get rid of MalletLogger.

Consider removing Matrix, DenseMatrix, DenseVector, etc.  
Rename cloneMatrix and cloneMatrixZeroed.
Consider a new gerneric-based interface for Factors as an alternative, which doesn't refer to any individual elements of the collection of numbers, or a number of dimensions.
Make SparseVector obey it, and consider making a Matrix2 and Matrixn version.

Look for commonalities among the topic classes.

Make clone return subtypes of Object where appropriate.

Remove InstanceListTUI?

Move fst parameter priors into a different class?

Make CommandOption help print with nice formatting.

Put Kedar's better TestOptimizable in place.

Implement fst stochastic gradient optimization.

Overhaul FeatureSelection so that we operate on the union of FeatureSelection objects in the classifier and instance list.

Investigate FeatureInducers and make them robust on new test InstanceLists.