Listman - A demo for BaseX with XSLTForms and RestXQ

This applications maintains a set of XML files via a web interface. It uses the BaseX RestXQ implementation which allows the use of XQuery annotations to specify web server behavior. XSLTForms is used for editing. This application is based on Dan Mccreary's Item manager from the XRX wikibook code


  1. Install BaseX Version 7.3.1 or greater is required
  2. Download the third party dependencies lib-web and unzip to the BaseX http server folder. The folder structure should look like:
  1. Download the listman project listman copy the contents of the restxq folder to the http folder. The structure should now look like

To run

  1. Start the basex http server basexhttp
  2. Navigate to http://localhost:8984/restxq/listman/
  3. Enter the account and password defaults are "admin" and "admin"


  1. version 0.5.0 update to basex 7.3.1, bootstrap to 2.0.4, create db if not found
  2. version 0.4.1 initial release