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     * Python_ 2.6 and/or 2.7
     * Django_ >= 1.4
     * django-tagging_ >= 0.3
+    * parameters >= 0.2.1
     * nose_ >= 0.11.4
     * if using Python 2.6, unittest2_ >= 0.5.1
-    * Distribute_ >= 0.6.14
     * (optional) mpi4py_ >= 1.2.2
     * (optional) twill_ >= 0.9 (for testing web interface)
     * (optional) coverage_ >= 3.3.1 (for measuring test coverage)
 Getting the source code
-We use the Mercurial version control system. To get a copy of the code::
+We use the Mercurial version control system. To get a copy of the code you
+should fork the main `Sumatra repository on Bitbucket`_, then clone your own fork.::
     $ cd /some/directory
-    $ hg clone sumatra_src
+    $ hg clone<username>/sumatra sumatra_src
 If you get an ``SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE`` error, you can either use the
 :option:`--insecure` option to :command:`hg clone`, or add the following lines
 to your :file:`~/.hgrc` file::
- = 7c:a8:72:19:79:b2:ec:d8:27:59:34:dc:a3:13:d9:5e:c3:aa:53:0e
+ = 45:ad:ae:1a:cf:0e:73:47:06:07:e0:88:f5:cc:10:e5:fa:1c:f7:99
-.. note:: an alternative is to fork the `Sumatra mirror on Bitbucket`_, then
-          clone your own fork.
+.. note:: this is the fingerprint used by BitBucket at the time of writing. You
+          can get the latest one by visiting the site with a web browser and
+          inspecting the certificate (look for the SHA1 fingerprint).
 Now you need to make sure that the ``sumatra`` package is on your PYTHONPATH and
 that the ``smt`` and ``smtweb`` scripts are on your PATH. You can do this either
     $ python install
 (if you do this, you will have to re-run `` install`` any time you make
-changes to the code) *or* by creating symbolic links from somewhere on your PATH
-and PYTHONPATH, for example::
+changes to the code) *or* by installing using ``pip`` with the "editable" option::
-    $ cd /some/directory
-    $ ln -s sumatra_src/sumatra
-    $ export PYTHONPATH=/some/directory:${PYTHONPATH}
-    $ export PATH=/some/directory/sumatra_src/bin:${PATH}
+    $ pip install --editable sumatra_src
 To update to the latest version from the repository::
     $ hg pull -u
+.. note:: Please do not use Mercurial branches, use bookmarks instead (these are the
+          closest equivalent to Git branches).
 Running the test suite
     $ hg commit -m 'informative commit message'
-If you have a NeuralEnsemble account, you can now push your changes to the
-central repository::
+and then push them to your Bitbucket repository::
-    $ hg push
+    $ hg push
-If you are using Bitbucket, you can open a pull request.
+Before pushing, run the test suite again to check that you have not introduced any new bugs.
-Otherwise, you can create a patch::
+Once you are ready for your work to be merged into the main Sumatra repository, please open a pull request.
-    $ hg export tip > descriptive_name.patch
-and attach it to a ticket in the `issue tracker`_. If you have made more than
-one commit, determine the revision number of when you cloned or last updated
-from the central repository (using ``hg log``), and then give a range of
-revisions to include in the patch::
-    $ hg export start-revision:tip > descriptive_name.patch
-Before either pushing or creating a patch, run the test suite again to check
-that you have not introduced any new bugs.
 Coding standards and style
 .. _twill:
 .. _coverage:
 .. _`PEP 8`:
-.. _`issue tracker`:
+.. _`issue tracker`:
 .. _virtualenv:
-.. _`Sumatra mirror on Bitbucket`:
+.. _`Sumatra repository on Bitbucket`:
 .. _`continuous integration server`:
 .. _`NEST Initiative`:
-.. _`open a bug report`:
+.. _`open a bug report`:


 If you find a bug in Sumatra or wish to suggest an improvement or a new feature,
-please open a ticket in the issue tracker at
+please open a ticket in the issue tracker at
 If you fix the bug or implement the improvement yourself, you can either attach
 a patch to the ticket, or clone the Sumatra mirror on BitBucket (


 distribution, and get in touch with the Sumatra developers, for example by
 `creating a ticket`_ or asking a question on the `mailing list`_.
-.. _`creating a ticket`:
+.. _`creating a ticket`:
 .. _`mailing list`: