Andrew Davison  committed 576a5c9

Fixed #187 (failure when changing from SQLite to PostgreSQL using “smt configure --store”)

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File sumatra/recordstore/django_store/

             db_project = models.Project.objects.using(self._db_label).get(id=project_name)
         except models.Project.DoesNotExist:
             db_project = models.Project(id=project_name)
         return db_project
     def _get_db_obj(self, db_class, obj):
         db_record.tags = ",".join(record.tags)
         db_record.stdout_stderr = record.stdout_stderr
         # should perhaps check here for any orphan Tags, i.e., those that are no longer associated with any records, and delete them
-  # need to save before using many-to-many relationship
+  # need to save before using many-to-many relationship
         chunk_size = 900  # SQLite has problems with inserts >= ca. 1000, so for safety we split it into chunks
         for i in xrange(0, len(record.input_data), chunk_size):
             db_keys = (self._get_db_obj('DataKey', key) for key in record.input_data[i:i + chunk_size])