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Removed unnecessary Tag SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE from Doxyfile

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-# The SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE determines the size of the internal cache use to 
-# determine which symbols to keep in memory and which to flush to disk. 
-# When the cache is full, less often used symbols will be written to disk. 
-# For small to medium size projects (<1000 input files) the default value is 
-# probably good enough. For larger projects a too small cache size can cause 
-# doxygen to be busy swapping symbols to and from disk most of the time 
-# causing a significant performance penalty. 
-# If the system has enough physical memory increasing the cache will improve the 
-# performance by keeping more symbols in memory. Note that the value works on 
-# a logarithmic scale so increasing the size by one will roughly double the 
-# memory usage. The cache size is given by this formula: 
-# 2^(16+SYMBOL_CACHE_SIZE). The valid range is 0..9, the default is 0, 
-# corresponding to a cache size of 2^16 = 65536 symbols
 # Build related configuration options