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This LuaFortran code provides a direct Fortran interface to the Lua C-API.

* lua_fif.f90 contains the ISO-C-Binding interface declarations for various
              functions from the Lua C-API (still incomplete).
* lua_parameters.f90 provides Lua constants as Fortran parameters (might need
                     to be updated with changed Lua versions).
* wrap_lua_dump.c provides a wrapper around Lua's dump routine to allow dumping
                  into a memory chunk from Fortran.
* dump_lua_fif_module.f90 contains the ISO-C-Binding interface to the dumping
                          wrapper in wrap_lua_dump.c
* flu_binding.f90 encapsulates the Lua interface in a more Fortran like
                  interface, taking care of type castings and hiding C

If you just want to build the flu library run:
./waf --target=flu
in the main Aotus directory. This will produce
* libflu.a
* dump_lua_fif_module.mod
* flu_binding.mod
* lua_fif.mod
* lua_parameters.mod
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