stat_fit_tb function not found. cannot replicate anova table on plot

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Issue #15 resolved
anRUser created an issue

I tried this piece of code from here:

ggplot(chickwts, aes(factor(feed), weight)) + stat_summary( = "mean_se") + stat_fit_tb(tb.type = "fit.anova", label.x.npc = 1.1, hjust = 0, label.y.npc = 0, vjust = 1) + expand_limits(y = 0) + coord_flip()

this is the error message I get:

Error in stat_fit_tb(tb.type = "fit.anova", label.x.npc = 1.1, hjust = 0, : could not find function "stat_fit_tb"

when I tried to resolved it using this: ggpmisc::stat_fit_tb()

I get this: Error: 'stat_fit_tb' is not an exported object from 'namespace:ggpmisc'

It appears the stat_fit_tb in not in the ggpmisc package. All the other functions e.g. stat_fit_tidy and stat_fit_glance are there and I am able to use them without any error.

Would greatly appreciate if you look into this. Thanks.

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  1. Pedro J. Aphalo repo owner

    I did not see this issue earlier, sorry! There are two branches under development for 'ggpmisc'. One is in CRAN and lacks geom_table() as this geom depends on 'ggplot2' >= 2.3.0 which is not yet in CRAN. I keep a separate repository where it can be found. 'ggplot2' 2.3.0 has been submitted by Hadley Wickham to CRAN on 2018-06-25. Once 'ggplot2' 2.3.0 becomes available through CRAN I will submit 'ggpmisc' 0.3.0 to CRAN from the branch containing geom_table. I have this version ready to be submitted, so it will be hopefully very soon in CRAN.

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