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Issue #24 resolved
Pedro J. Aphalo repo owner created an issue

Add a function annotate_npc() supporting the npcx and npcy aesthetics added in 'ggpmisc' 0.3.1. This function would accept only the "npc" versions of geoms. One would need to also add a wrapper on annotate() from 'ggplot2' to give a meaningful error when called with one the these "npc" geoms, instead of silently failing to add a visible layer. Another option, that I would rather avoid, would be to have the wrapper dispatch the call based on the name of the geom, as this would make the interface confusing.

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  1. Pedro J. Aphalo reporter

    I implemented a variation on annotate() that overrides ggplot2::annotate() and supports the new position aesthetics npcx and npcy, while remaining fully compatible.

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