stat_poly_eq: fit formula within data?

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Issue #33 resolved
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It is not clear to me how to use the data argument in stat_poly_eq? It looks like by default, stat_poly_eq expects the variables in the formula X~Y to be in the user workspace... can they not be in the workspace of data? or ideally, like the stat_fit series, implicitely within the ggplot() call? It seems that there is a quite big difference between stat_poly_eq and stat_fit_tidy are handled, but I could not find this described somewhere?


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  1. Pedro J. Aphalo repo owner

    Yes, the approach is different, and needs to be explained. The data parameter should follow a “normal” ggplot statistics grammar. It’s design follows closely stat_smooth() from ggplot2. Anyway a better explanation could help.

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