Error in loading : Error in (function (srcref) : unimplemented type (29) in 'eval'

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Issue #40 closed
Former user created an issue

install.packages("ggpmisc") Error in (function (srcref) : unimplemented type (29) in 'eval'

Then session aborted , fatal error, terminated

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  1. Pedro J. Aphalo repo owner

    Please provide at least R version, OS, system architecture, other packages already loaded, and tell whether you attempted the install from sources or binaries. Little hope of receiving an answer as the user has removed the account…

    Similar problems have been reported elsewhere and solved by updating RStudio. There has also been a major update in ‘pkgdown' that makes apparent a problem in package ‘ragg’ under Windows making the current version of ‘pkgdown’ unusable under Windows. On the other hand, vignettes are not rebuilt by default, simply doing the installation of the package directly in R (outside RStudio) could help.


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