plot() method for generic_mspct

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Issue #2 resolved
Pedro J. Aphalo repo owner created an issue

Would this be of any use? What behaviour should it have? I think one plot per spectrum, assembled together with multiplot() or directly using grid.

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  1. Pedro J. Aphalo reporter

    For homogeneous collections of spectra I would also use facets to create panels in a single plot. For heterogeneous collections, multiplot could be used, but special "short" axis labels would be needed.

  2. Pedro J. Aphalo reporter

    Changed my mind and implemented these methods mapping spct.idx to linetype. Users can always add facets when wanted/needed.

  3. Pedro J. Aphalo reporter

    It would be possible to add and option for automatic faceting, but could complicate the interface to much. I want to keep the interface as consistent as possible,

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