There is not a simple way to get dumps of date ranges out of calcurse, and using a shell for loop every time I want to do so is tedious, so I wrote caldump to do the heavy lifting for me. It's simple and easy. It does not at this time produce output suitable for loading into calcurse, but I may do something about that at a later date.


Use the --help option to see usage information for the caldump utility:

caldump --help

This is an example of use in about the simplest possible case:

caldump 2010/04/20 2010/04/22

This will output dates, times, and notes for the three days including April 20th, 21st, and 22nd in the year 2010.


To install, download the caldump caldump-0.1.gem file, then execute a gem install command:

gem install caldump-0.1.gem

It's pretty simple. At that point, you should be able to execute the caldump command as if it had always been installed on your computer.


This program was written by Chad Perrin, Copyright 2012. It can be redistributed under the terms of the Nietzsche Public License (see LICENSE file). The NPL also allows you to use the Open Works License instead.