The Covenant Project

This is an effort, first, to define or describe a set of principles for
societal organization according to the Non-Aggression Principle, expressed as a
set of clear, practical rules. These rules will be presented in a promissory
format, and this document shall be (working title) the Covenant.

Beyond that initial documentation of principles, additional work will hopefully
be done to establish a further set of organizational factors such as
implementation in more precise terms of conventions, social mechanisms, "Best
Practices", and so on. A system of jurisprudence, formal or informal, may be
developed in its most central particulars, compliant with the Non-Aggression


Contributions may come in the form of pull requests, wiki participation, issue
submissions, and out-of-band discussion (i.e. the
freenode/#nap IRC channel identified at the NAP Site).


At any time, the documents in process may be substantially changed or even
eliminated from the project, as changes in project focus and methodology
change, especially in the early stages of deliberation on any particular part
of the project. Documents need not be addressed only within the framework of
incremental change, and "no idea is too stupid" (within reason) for
consideration in terms of restructuring an approach to developing these


Discussion of the approach to developing parts of this project should take
place, at this time, in the freenode/#nap IRC channel, and in the project


More information about the Non-Aggression Principle can be found at the NAP
. This project will be linked from that site, and the results of
this project's work will probably become content at that site as it becomes
suitable for release.