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# dscribe


At the moment, this thing is just a project intended to provide management of a
flat file database of character descriptors, particularly for the purpose of
generating random descriptor lists for new characters in RPGs.  It may be used
for other purposes of course (such as generating random descriptor lists for
characters in fictional prose, obviously), and may eventually evolve into a
more generic manager for flat file databases that suit a similar structure.

## license

dscribe project files may be redistributed under the terms of the Open Works

see owl.txt for more details

also see http://owl.apotheon.org for more details

The OWL was chosen with a conscious adherence to copyfree policies.  See
http://copyfree.org for more details about the copyfree philosophy of

## installation and usage

This project was written in Ruby.  It has been tested with Ruby 1.8.7 (only)
at this time.

program:           | requirements:
dscribe            | optparse yaml
test/dscribe_tests | dscribe test/unit yaml

## contributions

If you wish to contribute to the project, please feel free to do so.  Patches
may be submitted via the issue tracker (I think), as a comment with attachment
in response to whatever issue it fixes.  Another way to submit contributions is
to clone the project on BitBucket and send a "pull request" from the clone when
changes have been made.  Patches can also be submitted to Chad Perrin via
email, using the code at apotheon dot net address.  Mercurial (in the form of
the hg tool) offers a simple way to produce a patch.

Please see the workflow.txt document in the doc/ directory for suggestions on
how to go about developing contributions to the project.

## notes

It's probably ugly as hell.  I hacked this stuff together rather quickly, then
I forgot about it for a while, so I'm not even sure how it really looks right
now.  I need to pore through it and see how badly it offends my aesthetic
sense.  You have been warned.