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Game: Pathfinder RPG
Campaign: Kingmaker Adventure Path

License: Because this is based on an Adventure Path published by Paizo, it is
released under the terms of the Open Game License.  It's my belief that this is
the most appropriate choice, legally speaking, for what amounts to RPG fanfic
based on an AP for an OGL roleplaying game.  I invite anyone from Paizo who
thinks otherwise to inform me of any differences of opinion on the matter so
that we can resolve any problems that might arise, but since I think that a
noncommercial piece of fiction inspired by the Kingmaker AP could probably be
covered under the doctrine of fair use if tested in court, I take the position
that using the OGL (instead of whatever license I'd rather use) is suitably
cautious at this time.  I'm not a lawyer, and my guesses at the licensing
status of AP-inspired fiction should not be taken as authoritative by any
stretch.  See the license.txt file for details about the OGL.

Summary: This is a prose chronicle of the Kingmaker Adventure Path campaign in
progress.  My Significant Other is the GM, and my character is Eolrys.  For
more details, see the story.  In the interests of avoiding potential spoilers,
other information has been elided from this description, though explaining this
fact actually uses more words than what I would have said here otherwise.

Bugs: There are no known errors other than the roughness of some of the writing
and the kind of transitory things that are probably slated to be fixed in the
next edit (such as "hm, I should have mentioned *this*" kinda stuff).  If any
errors (spelling, grammatical, missing information, continuity conflicts, et
cetera) are apparent, please feel free to report them through appropriate
channels.  Since this prose fiction project is currently hosted on BitBucket,
the issue tracker there is a good place to submit reports.