WIPs. JUNK. You name it.

  • calxbot.py: must be used with a writable dir and config file (ini-style). Reusability: about medium.

  • tinypythonbot.py: Only nontrivial direction is to create a text file for the quote database. Insert a quote followed by a newline. See ./tinypythonbot.py -h for more information. Reusability: low.

Origins are sometimes scary.

  • calxbot.py is my first attempt at an IRC bot and python, at the same time. I think I will write a fortune implementation for it. This will also be how its quotedb will be implemented. Overall, just a large body of novice code.

  • tinypythonbot.py is a little toy bot for those who want some brainhurt. I wrote it a few days after I wrote calxbot.py. Be warned, it is not pretty.

  • dopamine.c is from an anonymous friend (thanks!).

  • ritalin.c is from an anonymous friend (thanks!).

  • gtkreload.c is from an anonymous friend (thanks!).

  • abaco-duckduckgo.patch is a small modification to Plan 9's abaco web browser to rename command Google to Quack and search DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

  • shoot is a mksh script for taking screenshots on a FreeBSD system. Requires scrot (and mksh).