# pertrack

The pertrack project aims to be a complete persona tracker for roleplaying
games first and foremost, and perhaps for tracking characters in other
fictional works in progress as well.  Keeping track of characters in National
Novel Writing Month stories comes to mind as a possible use for the program,
especially once it has been fleshed out a bit more.

## Installation

This program assumes you have the pertrack.rc configuration file and the
dscribe program both located in the same directory as the pertrack program
itself.  It should probably be generalized a bit more than that, but for now
that's how it works.

It is recommended that you take one of two approaches to installation:

1. Place only the files actually needed in a directory within your execution
path, leaving any additional files from the repository out of it, if you intend
to use the software and not do anything that requires any other files that will
probably eventually become a part of this project.

2. Place the entire project directory somewhere not in your execution path,
then place shortcuts (symlinks) to the necessary files for execution in your
execution path.

To be absolutely clear, the files necessary for execution are:

* pertrack.rb

* pertrack.rc

Within your execution path, the pertrack.rb (the executable program file) or
shortcut (symlink) can be renamed to pertrack to make typing it a little
easier.  The pertrack.rc file's name is referenced in the program's source
code, however, so it should probably not be changed.

As dependencies, pertrack requires dscribe (specifically dscribe.rb as a
library in a require statement) and OptParse, and dscribe requires both YAML
and (again) OptParse.