TechRepublic Citizens

TechRepublic needs a lot of things it does not have, such as an issue tracker to provide a central, organized place to report bugs and feature requests (especially bugs), and work-arounds when those bugs have not been fixed yet and feature requests have not been fulfilled so we citizens of the TechRepublic can still have the best user experience possible. The TechRepublic Citizens project at BitBucket is intended to fill some of those needs.

Issue Tracker

Someone tried to fill in for the lack of a proper issue tracker by way of a Google Docs spreadsheet, but it is frankly a bit too arcane and fiddly to get right, and does not offer quite the level of good management interface to keep it up to date. BitBucket was suggested as a good place for TechRepublic to set up an issue tracker for free if it was unwilling or unable to do so on-site somewhere, but as of this writing nothing has been done. Unless and until something like that arises, the TechRepublic Citizens project will hopefully serve well in its stead.


A common workaround for TechRepublic issues is a Greasemonkey script called tr-rectify. To use it, you must have the Greasemonkey extension installed in Firefox.