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Maik Biewener
created an issue

Hi, i wanted to try this plugin but i am getting the following rendering error when using it:

Fehler beim Rendern des Makros 'svg-out': com.atlassian.confluence.user.AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal.get()Lcom/atlassian/confluence/user/ConfluenceUser;

Rendering in the browser works fine. I just added the .svg (it is from Inkscape) an did not use any other functionality. The Confluence version is 5.1. Could this be the issue?

with kind regards, Maik :-)

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  1. Andreas Purde repo owner

    Dear Maik,

    unfortunately you are right: version 5.1 is the issue. The function the plugin is using to get the current user was introduced in Confluence version 5.2.

    In case you have some development background you can download the sources and change the relevant line of code or simply remove the access rights checking functions. Remove:

            // check whether the user has access rights to the page
            ConfluenceUser confluenceUser = AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal.get();
            if(!permissionManager.hasPermission(confluenceUser, Permission.VIEW, ceo)) {
                return "svg-out: Sorry, you do not have proper access rights to the page where the image is attached to!";



  2. Maik Biewener reporter

    Hi Andreas, thank you for your quick reply. I think i can set up the sdk and delete the functions you mentioned. Do i have to clone the project in Sourcetree? When i try to download the repository or master branch in the download section, i get an "internal server error". Or am i complete wrong here?

    so long Maik

  3. Andreas Purde repo owner

    Hi Maik,

    this seems to be a temporal problem. indicates an issue right now.

    In case it continues I can send the sources later this week.


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