Possibility to enforce the planned deployed version in events to be linked to a JIRA version

Issue #224 closed
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  • add a version picker in event details dialog to set the planned deployed version
  • when the name of the JIRA version changes, it should change the version name displayed in events

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  1. yassinemansour

    Hello, I think the two modes can be available as options in the configuration: How do you want to use the versions inside the TimeLine's events? 1- Mode 1 : using the Project Version (JIRA Version Picker). 2- Mode 2 : As actual (Free Text for Versions) for more planning mode As an admin user, i want to be able to configure between mode 1 and mode 2.

    -The Watchers should receive a notification when the version changes (maybe with a link to the JIRA version Page with all the list of elements in this version) Thanks

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