"User Access Assessor for Jira" data/configuration portability mechanism

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I'm Rosen Marinkov from Botron Software.
It's a pleasure for me to e-meet you!

Part of our portfolio is providing professional JIRA migration services, and we are a trusted provider for over 1000 companies.

Over 3000 companies are currently using our "Configuration Manager for JIRA" add-on in order to migrate data between their JIRA instances.
For our clients, data and add-ons portability between different JIRA instances is crucial functionality.

We would like to know if your add-on has a data/configuration portability mechanism so it can easily be migrated between different JIRA instances so we could refer it to our customers?

Best Regards
Rosen Marinkov

Enterprise Solutions Manager | Botron Software
E Rossen.Marinkov@botronsoft.com
w www.botronsoft.com

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