Fortyxima - Boosting Fortran to its superlative

The Fortyxima library contains types, interfaces and macros (templates) for the Fortran 2008 language, which should facilitate its usage for general purpose programming.

The package is available under the terms of the BSD 2-Clause License (see LICENSE file).

Package content

The library currently contains following module:

filesys File system manipulation (creating/deleting directories, symbolic links, etc..) by using Fortran-friendly wrappers around appropriate libc-routines.

unittest Unit testing framework (also used by Fortyxima to test itself).



  • Fortran 2003 compatible compiler
  • C compiler
  • Python interpreter (2.7, 3.2 or above)
  • The Fypp preprocessor.

Building the library

The project uses the waf building framework. First configure your project by:

./waf configure

If you want to make let waf to look for a specific compiler issue:

./waf configure --check-fortran-compiler=COMPILER

where COMPILER is the name of the compiler (e.g. gfortran, ifort, fc_nag, etc.). After the configuration you can build the project by:

./waf build

In order to run the unittests, use

./waf test