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modFileSys: Modern Fortran File System Interface

The library modFileSys is designed to provide modern Fortran wrappers around the file system interface of libc. With its help you can carry out those basic file system operations you were always missing in Fortran:

  • rename and remove files,
  • recursively create and remove directories,
  • obtain the name of files in a given directory,
  • check whether a given file exists and whether it is a directory or a symbolic link,
  • obtain the current working directory and change to a directory,
  • create hard links and symbolic links, resolve the target of symbolic links,
  • canonize path names.

Almost all routines take and return file names (Fortran character variables), providing an abstract interface without exposing internal details about the operating system and pointer operations. The library should work on any POSIX compliant system.

For more information see the following sources:

The library is available under the simplified BSD license.

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