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ENH: More README info about Cython. sdist target in packager Makefile. Add URL to PKG-INFO.

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-.PHONY: site
+# We need to run build_ext first to make sure we have _line_profiler.c.
+# However, we can't run both commands in the same run.
+	python build_ext
+	python sdist
+.PHONY: site sdist
 You may also download source tarballs of any snapshot from that URL.
 Source releases will require a C compiler in order to build line_profiler. In
-addition, Mercurial checkouts will also require Cython_. Source releases on PyPI
-should contain the pregenerated C sources, so Cython should not be required in
-that case.
+addition, Mercurial checkouts will also require Cython_ >= 0.10. Source releases
+on PyPI should contain the pregenerated C sources, so Cython should not be
+required in that case. is a single-file pure Python script and does not require a compiler.
 If you wish to use it to run cProfile and not line-by-line profiling, you may
     It should contain the generated C sources already. If you are running into
     problems, that may be a bug; let me know. If you are building from
     a Mercurial checkout or snapshot, you will need Cython to generate the
-    C sources. I'm not sure exactly what version you need, but any recent one
-    should suffice.
+    C sources. You will probably need version 0.10 or higher. There is a bug in
+    some earlier versions in how it handles NULL PyObject* pointers.
 * What version of Python do I need?
     author_email = '',
     description = 'Line-by-line profiler.',
     long_description = long_description,
+    url = '',
     ext_modules = [ 
                   sources=[line_profiler_source, 'timers.c'],