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Added python 3 support to ipython extension

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     profile = LineProfiler(*funcs)
     # Add the profiler to the builtins for @profile.
-    import __builtin__
-    if 'profile' in __builtin__.__dict__:
+    import builtins
+    if 'profile' in builtins.__dict__:
         had_profile = True
-        old_profile = __builtin__.__dict__['profile']
+        old_profile = builtins.__dict__['profile']
         had_profile = False
         old_profile = None
-    __builtin__.__dict__['profile'] = profile
+    builtins.__dict__['profile'] = profile
         if had_profile:
-            __builtin__.__dict__['profile'] = old_profile
+            builtins.__dict__['profile'] = old_profile
     # Trap text output.
     stdout_trap = StringIO()
             text_file + '.', message)
     return_value = None
-    if opts.has_key('r'):
+    if 'r' in opts:
         return_value = profile
     return return_value
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