Tex settings / texmf / tex / aragilar / aragilar-thesis.sty

%% Packages
%% Define keys
%  % Maths
%  maths/.store in=\ARAXTX@maths,
%  maths/.default=true,
%  % Physics
%  physics/.store in=\ARAXTX@physics,
%  physics/.default=true,
  % Appearence
  colour/.store in=\ARAXTX@colour,
%  %% Fonts
%  mainfont/.store in=\ARAXTX@mainfont,
%  monofont/.store in=\ARAXTX@monofont,
%  mathfont/.store in=\ARAXTX@mathfont,
%  fontset/.store in=\ARAXTX@fontset

%% Define keys if not defined


%%%% LOAD MY STYLES %%%% 
\RequirePackage{sanemath} % Sane math setup using AMSTeX
\RequirePackage{physics} % Provides units and physics/astro macros
\RequirePackage{unicode-tex} % Provides setup for using unicode for text and math
\RequirePackage[colour=\ARAXTX@colour,width=10cm]{appearence} % Sets page outline and style
\RequirePackage[colour=\ARAXTX@colour]{code-formatting} % Formats code nicely
\RequirePackage[titlewidth=\textwidth, abstractwidth=9cm]{thesis-frontmatter}

%\RequirePackage{classicthesis} % Thesis format

%%%% FONTS %%%%
%% Heading Fonts
%\allsectionsfont{\fontspec[SmallCapsFeatures={Letters=SmallCaps},]{Gillius ADF No2mod}\scshape} %scshape gives small caps
\allsectionsfont{\fontspec[SmallCapsFeatures={Letters=SmallCaps},]{TeX Gyre Pagella}\scshape} %scshape gives small caps
%\allsectionsfont{\fontspec[Letters=SmallCaps]{Latin Modern Roman Caps}} %scshape gives small caps

%% Some convenience macros
\newcommand{\diffopt}[1]{\frac{d #1}{dτ}}
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