aragost Trifork


Java library for Mercurial's command server. This lets you interact with Mercurial using a high-level Java API. By using the command server in Mercurial 1.9, we get a big speed boost compared to starting a new Mercurial process for every operation.


This extension makes Mercurial parse .hg/projrc for additional configuration settings. In addition, the file is transferred unconditionally on clone and on pull (but never on push).


Java bindings for the purge Mercurial extension.


Repository for the parent POM of the JavaHg modules. See the javahg repository for the core JavaHg code.


Learn how to use Mercurial with this guide. It is based on step-by-step examples that you can execute yourself for training.


Experimental extension for speeding up "hg status" on Windows and Linux.

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