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Exclude Extension

This extension makes Mercurial exclude files by default as if they had
been specified via the normal ``--exclude`` command line options. The
files to be excluded are read from a ``.hgexclude`` file in the root
of the repository.


You enable the extension by adding::

  exclude = ~/path/to/exclude/

to your configuration file. Then see ``hg help exclude`` to read the
detailed help text. Please see the `Mercurial wiki`__ for more
information and caveats.

.. __:


This extension was written by `aragost Trifork`_. Feel free to contact
`aragost Trifork`_ to discuss any further improvements to the


Erik Zielke <>

.. _aragost Trifork:

Recent activity

Nikolaus Schueler

Commits by Nikolaus Schueler were pushed to aragost/exclude

c356eb2 - Fixed tests (cosmetic changes)
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