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Integration of largefiles and hgweb

The standard largefiles extension has no integration with the
Mercurial webserver started by ``hg serve`` or by Apache.

In particular, this means that the manifest view will show the
``.hglf/`` directory::


Also, directories containing nothing but largefiles don't show up as
normal directories in the manifest view -- they are only shown inside
the ``.hglf/`` directory.

This extension overrides the manifest view so that largefiles are
shown in-place. This makes it possible to see the real directory
structure when browsing in hgweb.


Load the extension by adding a reference to this directory::

  hgweb-largefiles = /path/to/this/directory/

The extension works with Mercurial 2.0 and later.


* While the largefiles appear to be integrated with the normal files,
  the links still go to the *standin* files. This makes it possible to
  see the file log for a largefile, but all patches show the changes
  to the version controlled hash value.

* It is now an error to browse the ``.hglf/`` directory directly in
  hgweb. Going to ::


  returns a "404 Not Found" error page


This extension was written by `aragost Trifork`_ for a client. Feel
free to contact Martin Geisler <> discuss any further
improvements to the extension.

.. _aragost Trifork:


The extension is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later. Please
see the ``COPYING`` file for details.