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Add sub-sections for config keys

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 ``[projrc]`` section to one of your local hgrc files, and in that
 section configuring the following configuration keys:
-1. servers:
+Servers to Pull From
 The ``projrc.servers`` setting lets you control from which servers the
 projrc file must be pulled.
 machine, whether it is accessed directly through the file system or
 through http, https or ssh access to the localhost)
-2. include:
+Included Sections
 The ``projrc.include`` configuration key lets you control which
 sections and which keys must be accepted from the remote projrc files.
 for the server, for example, by adding
 ``*`` to the projrc.include configuration key.
-3. exclude:
+Excluded Sections
 The ``projrc.exclude`` setting is similar to the ``projrc.include``
 setting but it has the opposity effect. It sets an "exclude list" of
 same length, the key is *included* (i.e. inclusion takes precedence
 over exclusion).
-4. confirm:
+Confirmation Settings
 This configuration setting controls whether the user must confirm the
 transfer of new projr settings.