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Araxia's Mac OS X Tools

This is where I intend to document my Mac OS X customizations, tips and tricks, to make myself more efficient.


  • Vim An excellent text editor.
  • Quicksilver A versatile multi-purpose tool.
  • Vimperator A highly customizable extension to Firefox to provide a vim-like browser experience..


  • MultipleMacVimInstances Use multiple copies of the MacVim application that have been distinctly renamed in order to better organize your vim editing projects.


  • Save All MacVim Sessions AppleScript to automate saving all vim sessions in every OS window of every MacVim instance.
  • Restore All MacVim Sessions AppleScript to automate restoring all vim sessions in all MacVim instances.
  • AppleScript Makefile Compile text-based .applescript files into executable .scpt files to faciliate vim-based AppleScript development and to make version control of AppleScripts easier.
  • grun Execute a commandline command using growl notifications. Posts a sticky growl notification showing the commandline command when the process begins, then updates the notification with a completion message including exit status when the process completes (or posts a new notification if you've dismissed the initial one).
  • Alternately suspend and resume all Firefox processes. Helps when Firefox is consuming lots of CPU, and you don't have the time or patience to track down the tab with the errant javascript or Flash.

Miscellaneous Information

  • WikiFeatures details particular to this wiki setup.


  • Clean up and post script.
  • Add link to Quicksilver triggers screenshot.
  • Continue to clean up .vimrc and provide a guided tour of interesting features on the Vim wiki page.
  • Catalog of vim plugins I use with a summary of each and examples of how they are useful.