* Description

Starting from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update there is no way to
disable Lock Screen even on Professional edition of the operating
system. This is annoying, because Microsoft pushing professionals,
power users and developers to the more expensive Enterprise and
Education which targeted more on organisations than individuals. The
main reason for that is because, by default, Microsoft shows ads on
the Lock screen (which one could disable though). Additionally to
that, the Lock Screen is completely useless on the conventional
notebooks and desktops.

This little program helps one effectively disable the Lock Screen
during operating system usage (except on boot time). It should work on
Windows 10 Home edition too (untested).

* Usage

To install program one should run 'install.bat' file as
Administrator. It will copy 'lockscreen-disabler.exe' executable to
the Windows folder and register it as a service (Lock Screen
Disabler). It should disable Lock Screen right after installation.

To uninstall the program one should run 'uninstall.bat'.

* How it works?

The program works in background as a system service. It constantly
monitors the
DWORD registry value and resets it zero whenever it changes its
value. Internally it uses "RegNotifyChangeKeyValue()" WinAPI function.

* Acknowledgements

The solution was inspired by a tutorial at

and the similar one at