What is that?

This is port of the Niklaus Wirth's Oberon-0 compiler to Oxford Oberon-2
compiler. This is port of the version described in his "Compiler
e-book published in February 2014.

The latest version of the book can be found on Wirth's homepage.

This source codes are distributed on the same terms as unmodified source codes
by N. Wirth.


It is assumed that you have Oxford Oberon-2 compiler on your PATH. Otherwise
you should download and install it. If you want build on Windows you
additionally need MSYS.


Run the make command:

$ make

You should find ob0c binary in current directory.

How to use compiler

To compile and run Oberon-0 programs, use the ob0c executable
produced by the build. Sample programs can be found in programs

$ ./ob0c programs/MagicSquares.ob0

(type a small number as input)