genmap is the GeoDjango application that powers

You can customize it to power your own community.

License is GPL2 Except for third party files that are included for convenience. These have their own license (as indicated in file header , where appropriate)

- Django 1.0
- The dependencies of GeoDjango? (which are GEOS, GDAL , Proj and PostGIS for Postgresql)
- Postgresql (i believe some distance lookups i'm using only work with psql)
- sorl-thumbnail
- django-registration
- django-tagging
- jaxml - fast XML generating library for Python
- django-openid:
- django-gravatar (optional)

Installation steps

1) Checkout the source code
2) Create the database using the postgis extensions.
3) Create a file. For example see LocalSettingsExample
4) Do a syncdb
5) cd scripts ; ./ # to load country data
6) hopefully, it should run
7) customize.
8) Create bug reports and patches! :p

1) If you want repository information in the About page, make sure your web server has write
   priviliges in the .hg directory of your repo, so that Mercurial can create its lock files.
   Also, add your web server's user in /etc/mercurial/hgrc using something like:

   groups = apache