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<h1>{{ }} &ndash; {% trans "on Google Maps" %}</h1>

    <li>{% blocktrans with as name and this_site.domain as domain and as community %}{{ domain }} is a place where {{ community }} users can register their location so that we can visualize our larger community and local communities around the world on Google Maps.{% endblocktrans %}</li>
    <li>{% blocktrans %}Originally inspired by the <a href="" rel="external">Django People</a> project and the effort by gentoo developer <a href="" rel="external">agorf</a>.{% endblocktrans %}</li>
    <li>{% trans "Created by Konstantinos Metaxas a.k.a 'arcanum'." %}</li>
    <li>{% blocktrans %}Extra coding power by <a href="">Bela Hausmann a.k.a. and3k</a>.{% endblocktrans %}</li>
    <li>{% blocktrans %}There are currently {{profile_count}} profiles.{% endblocktrans %}</li>
    <li>{% blocktrans %}This website is made using the <a href="" rel="external">Django</a> framework and the Django <em>gis</em> extensions.{% endblocktrans %}</li>
    <li>{% blocktrans %}Many thanks to the Official BETA tester and general 'Why doesn't this Work?!' guy <a href="">Homunculus</a>.{% endblocktrans %}</li>
    <li>{% trans "If you need to contact us, email us at " %}<a href=""></a>.</li>

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