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What is this repository for?

Although new technologies are being absorbed and applied to fields that have hitherto been unusual, providing new approaches and possibilities, the penetration of these technologies in security systems is still very slow compared to sectors such as mobile telephony, development of operating systems, applications, etc.

Nowadays, we can find a wide variety of free software and hardware resources, ranging from operating systems to low-cost three-dimensional printers, and yet we do not find any physicall security system in the market that meets these characteristics. However, there is not any physical security system that, adopting the open source philosophy, can be found in the market. On the contrary, we can find dozens of commercial solutions that are presented as black boxes, which even hide the underlying technologies and whose testing phase is not as thorough as it should be and is concluded over the systems of the own client in production.

For this reason the present Bachelor Thesis will focus this work on evaluating and providing a solution that solves these shortcomings, as a functional prototype, allowing the monitoring of intrusion devices of types GII or GIII in a convenient and simple way for its users. Moreover, we have tried to expose this reality and the solutions described in this report to the university community and free software communities. For this purpose, the project was submitted to the XI Free-Software University Contest, organized at the University of Seville, achieving not only the objective described above, but also the recognition of the work through the prize: Best Security Project of the contest.