Please add Embarcadero Delphi project support

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Embarcadero Delphi IDE is an IDE with many problems :( If IDEA could be an alternative to open existing embarcadero delphi projects would be great.

(of course instead converting to a format that is not compatible with embarcadero IDE would be great just opening/understanding/ the project, so for example if some colleagues do not want to use IDEA it would be ok)

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  1. Larry Hengen

    I agree. Since the Delphi form designer is not available, in order for Delphi users to make good use of IDEA they need to be able to make use of the Delphi Project/ProjectGroups they currently have even if that means periodic syncing of IDEA metadata with Delphi's project information. Migrating a Delphi project to use IDEA needs to be seamless (as in I open the Delphi project and it's settings and Library paths are migrated or synced to those used by IDEA). I-Pascal is a great idea....

  2. Geo B repo owner

    It would be helpful if you point to some publicly available Delphi project which has many settings and is good to test against.

  3. Geo B repo owner

    Delphi and Lazarus projects can be imported now:

    Go to Project Settings => Modules => Add (+) => Import module

    Than choose a directory where .dproj, .dpr or .lpi file(s) is located.

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