Intellij freezes during code completing

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Daniel Roziecki
created an issue

Since Friday I had 4-5 IDEA freezes. All of them, when I try use code completion in pascal sources (ofc, usually this function work, but some times not).

Second problem is with code completion scope. I don't want see functions which I can't use, because they are private or protected, etc.

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  1. Daniel Roziecki reporter

    Ultimate 2016.3.4
    I-pascal 1.12
    FPC SDK 3.0.2

    I disabled autopopups in Codecompletion tab, and yesterday I had no freeze.

    Can't tell if this happen before friday.

  2. Geo B repo owner

    I've disabled some debug output in code completion which can cause IDE freezes in Linux. Please check if you steel experience freezes.

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