Intellij freezes during code completing

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Issue #35 closed
Daniel Roziecki created an issue

Since Friday I had 4-5 IDEA freezes. All of them, when I try use code completion in pascal sources (ofc, usually this function work, but some times not).

Second problem is with code completion scope. I don't want see functions which I can't use, because they are private or protected, etc.

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  1. George Bakhtadze repo owner

    What versions of the plugin and IDEA do you use? Delphi or FPC SDK? Did that happen before Friday?

  2. Daniel Roziecki reporter

    Ultimate 2016.3.4 I-pascal 1.12 FPC SDK 3.0.2

    I disabled autopopups in Codecompletion tab, and yesterday I had no freeze.

    Can't tell if this happen before friday.

  3. George Bakhtadze repo owner

    I've disabled some debug output in code completion which can cause IDE freezes in Linux. Please check if you steel experience freezes.

  4. Daniel Roziecki reporter

    I don't have problems with this now. Only this old problem with search all (shift+shift).

    Thanks for new fixes.


    Daniel Roziecki

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