FreeAndNil - "Undeclared identifier"

Issue #37 resolved
Daniel Roziecki created an issue


FPC 3.0.2 (Linux x86_64)


Daniel Roziecki

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  1. Geo B repo owner

    Is Delphi SDK used? What version of Delphi? Did you setup .dcu a decompiler or just added SysUtils.pas to project paths?

  2. Daniel Roziecki reporter

    No, this is not Delphi SDK, this is FPC 3.0.2 SDK. Example was from FreePascal wiki.


  3. Alexey Prokhorov

    @argb32 yes. If open decompiled sysutils.dcu definition, here is the code:

    procedure FreeAndNil(  var obj: system.);
  4. Geo B repo owner

    This shouldn't prevent finding FreeAndNil's declaration. Does it highlight the procedure as undeclared identifier in your code?

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