Debugging gdb don't imports breaks

Issue #84 resolved
Former user created an issue

After starting to debug with Pascal-i. The Program imports the Breakpoints:

>>>> -break-delete
>>>> -break-insert  -f C:/Users/dschumann/IdeaProjects/Studi_pascal/pi.pas:17
>>>> -gdb-set target-async on
>>>> -gdb-set new-console on
>>>> -exec-run

and then don't sees the breakpoints. ~"Reading symbols from C:\Users\dschumann\IdeaProjects\Studi_pascal\out\production\Studi_pascal\pi.exe..." ~"(no debugging symbols found)...done.\n" And executes fully.



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  1. Geo B repo owner

    Are you compiling with debug information? To include the debug information you should have something like "-gw" in additional compiler options in SDK. In upcoming version it will be easier.

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