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Suppress effigy verifying info messages and and point the run_tests.escript at the correct location of effigy's beams.

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   {reply, ok, State#state{expectations=add_expectation(Function, Args, Ret, Times, Expects)}};
 handle_call(verify, _From, State = #state{expectations=Expects,module=Mod}) ->
-  ?infoFmt("verifying ~p~n", [Mod]),
+  %% ?infoFmt("verifying ~p~n", [Mod]),
     length(Expects) > 0 -> {reply, {mismatch, format_missing_expectations(Expects, Mod)}, State};
     true -> {reply, ok, State}


 %%! -name gen_bunny__test@
 main([Ebin]) ->
+    code:add_path("deps/effigy/src"),
     code:add_paths(filelib:wildcard("deps/*/ebin", Ebin)),
     code:add_paths(filelib:wildcard("deps/*/deps/*/ebin", Ebin)),
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