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Update todo, remove unused macros

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 - allow registration by name?
-- have gen_bunny declare server resources, and if so, come up with API
-- monitor connection/channel pids? 
-- write wrapper module for dealing with rabbitmq messages
+- monitor connection/channel pids?
 - fill in boilerplate gen_bunny behavior with actual functionality
 - figure out how to deal with build-time dependency on the rabbitmq-server source
-- harvest useful bits from the rmq_* record wrappers and get rid of them
 - write unit tests
 - write documentation

File include/gen_bunny.hrl

 -define(is_queue(X), element(1, X) =:= 'queue.declare').
 -define(is_exchange(X), element(1, X) =:= 'exchange.declare').
 -define(is_binding(X), element(1, X) =:= binding).
--define(is_channel(X), element(1, X) =:= rmq_channel).
--define(is_connection(X), element(1, X) =:= rmq_connection).
 -define(is_message(X), element(1, X) =:= content).
 -type(servobj_name() :: binary()).
 -type(exchange_type() :: binary()).
 -type(bunny_queue() :: #'queue.declare'{}).
--type(binding() :: #binding{}).      
+-type(binding() :: #binding{}).
 -type(durable_obj() :: exchange() | bunny_queue()).