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tinymq / extlib / boost / logging / detail / raw_doc / acknowledgments.hpp

namespace boost { namespace logging {

@page acknowledgements Acknowledgements

There are quite a few thanks I owe:

- The Boost community - for making me realize what was wrong with my first proposal
- Charles Brockman - for thoroughly analyzing the docs
- Darryl Green - for giving me lots of feedback and showing me other ways to solve things
- Caleb Epstein - for porting parts of my code to any non-Windows OS, and implementing several formatters and destinations
- Stefan Slapeta and Bill Wade and a lot of others for giving me early feedback
- Pavel Vozelinek - for very thourough reviews and lots of comments
- Pavel Savara - for feedback about docs, thread-safety and gcc
- Jens Seidel - for helping me with issues with gcc (different versions), and extra feedback
- Martin Baeker - for testing my lib, and pointing out problems
- Thomas Kreisel - for testing my lib in Linux, providing patches, finding possible problems in my lib
- Marius Bucur - for looking over the early stages, and giving me feedback 
- Lucian Ciufudean - for giving me thorough feedback on the documentation, even though he's a Java freak...
- Andrei Alexandrescu - for reminding me that the default syntax should be soooo easy... Thus, named_logger was born!
- Amit Jain - for giving me quite a lot of criticism, but who made me make the docs a lot easier (or at least I hope so :))
- Daniel Kruger - for helping me with the "destruction of global objects" issue