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namespace boost { namespace logging {

@page common_scenarios Usage Scenarios (together with code)

- @ref common_scenarios_1
- @ref common_scenarios_5
- @ref common_scenarios_6

- @ref common_your_scenario

- @ref scenario_multiple_files
    - @ref scenario_multiple_files_program 
    - @ref scenario_multiple_files_log_h 
    - @ref scenario_multiple_files_log_cpp 
    - @ref scenario_multiple_files_main 

@copydoc common_usage_steps_fd 

@section common_scenarios_1 Scenario 1, Common usage: Multiple levels, One logging class, Multiple destinations.

Scenario 1 should be the most common.

@copydoc mul_levels_one_logger 

@ref scenarios_code_mom "Click to see the code"

@section common_scenarios_5 Scenario 2: No levels, One Logger, One Filter

@copydoc one_loger_one_filter

@ref scenarios_code_noo "Click to see the code"

@section common_scenarios_6 Scenario 3: Fastest: Multiple Loggers, One Filter, Not using Formatters/Destinations, Not using <<

@copydoc fastest_no_ostr_like

@ref scenarios_code_mon "Click to see the code"

@section common_your_scenario Your Scenario : Find out logger and filter, based on your application's needs

@copydoc your_scenario

@ref common_your_scenario_code "Click to see the code"