tinymq / extlib / boost / logging / detail / raw_doc / starter_project.hpp

namespace boost { namespace logging {

@page starter_project A starter project...

You've probably looked at the @ref common_scenarios "scenarios", at @ref scenario_multiple_files "basic_usage example",
and just in case, here's a something to get you started in your own project(s). 

In your project, you will need to create 2 files:
- <tt><em>my_app_log</em>.h</tt> - where you declare your log(s)
- <tt><em>my_app_log</em>.cpp</tt> - where you define and initialize your log(s)

Again, this is just a starter project, you can customize it as you wish. Enjoy!

The <em>my_app_log</em>.h file

@include starter/my_app_log.h

The <em>my_app_log</em>.cpp file

@include starter/my_app_log.cpp