Armin Rigo committed 48ce8ba

Huge number of conflicts in demo5, but that's roughly as expected.
Still, it should not take that long...

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File hack/stm/c2/Makefile

 all-builds: build-demo1 build-demo2 build-demo3 build-demo4 build-demo5
 iteration-1: all-builds
-	+make test-demo1 test-demo2 test-demo3 test-demo4 test-demo5
+	+make test-demo5 test-demo1 test-demo2 test-demo3 test-demo4
 iteration-2: all-builds
 	+make test-demo2 test-demo3 test-demo4 test-demo5 test-demo1

File hack/stm/c2/demo5.c

 #include "et.h"
-#define UPPER_BOUND 1250
+#define UPPER_BOUND 350
 #define NUMTHREADS  4
 #define INEVITABLE  10   /* 1/N transactions become inevitable */
 void insert1(long tr, long nvalue, int inevitable_from)
   volatile int got_inev = 0;
+  fprintf(stderr, "%ld %ld ==============================\n", tr, nvalue);