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Some final changes. I'll give up on nicely reformatting and
structuring it, for now.

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-XXX check that regsub.split / splitx are correctly documented.
+==> Release 1.4beta3 (August 26 1996) <==
-==> Release 1.4beta3 (August 26 1996) <==
+(XXX This is less readable that it should.  I promis to restructure it
+for the final 1.4 release.)
-XXX This needs to be reordered.
 What's new in 1.4beta3 (since beta2)?
+- In urllib.urlopen(): HTTP URLs containing user:passwd@host are now
+handled correctly when using a proxy server.
+- In ntpath.normpath(): don't truncate to 8+3 format.
+- In mimetools.choose_boundary(): don't die when getuid() or getpid()
+aren't defined.
+- Module urllib: some optimizations to (un)quoting.
+- New module MimeWriter for writing MIME documents.
+- More changes to formatter module.
+- The freeze script works once again and is much more robust (using
+sys.prefix etc.).  It also supports a -o option to specify an
+output directory.
 - New module whichdb recognizes dbm, gdbm and bsddb/dbhash files.
 - The Doc/Makefile targets have been reorganized somewhat to remove the 
 - A generic Makefile for dynamically loaded modules is provided in the Misc 
 subdirectory (Misc/gMakefile).
-- A new version of python-mode.el for Emacs is provided.  Ask Barry Warsaw 
-for a list of changes.  The separate file pyimenu.el is no longer needed, 
-imenu support is folded into python-mode.el.
+- A new version of python-mode.el for Emacs is provided.  See
+ for details.  The
+separate file pyimenu.el is no longer needed, imenu support is folded
+into python-mode.el.
 - The configure script can finally correctly find the readline library in a 
 non-standard location.  The LDFLAGS variable is passed on the the Makefiles 
 - Some more fidgeting for AIX shared libraries.
 - The mpz module is now compatible with GMP 2.x.  (Not tested by me.)
+(Note -- a complete replacement by Niels Mo"ller, called gpmodule, is
+available from the contrib directory on the ftp site.)
 - A warning is written to sys.stderr when a __del__ method raises an 
 exception (formerly, such exceptions were completely ignored).